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Are Seniors Getting Proper Preventive Services?

The CDC issued a report on their website that shows that many seniors are not receiving preventive care necessary to increase their life span and improve quality of life. The report showed that the majority of seniors are not taking advantage of services like flu vaccinations and screenings for bladder, colorectal and breast cancer.

The report used data taken from state and federal records and it indicates that the need for these services must be better communicated to all seniors. The CDC recommends that the medical infrastructure that provides these services be improved and that awareness for the necessity of these services must be promoted.

A senior who receives in home assistance from a family member or home health aide can be in a better position to have these services provided. A home health aide can be a valuable source of information when it comes to what services are needed and available.

A nurse from Specialty Care Services can conduct a thorough evaluation of your loved one?s situation and make recommendations for which preventative measures should be taken for optimal health. Our well trained staff members can accompany seniors on doctor appointments and help provide valuable support in during new health screenings. An experienced health aide can also assist a patient in adhering to any after care instructions given by a doctor following important appointments.

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