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Another Reason you Need your Z?s

Lack of sleep can affect you mood, your focus and your ability to function properly throughout the day ? but not getting a decent night sleep could potentially have even more serious consequences.? A study performed by Penn State researchers found that men, who are self described insomniacs and who get less than six hours of sleep per night, could be at a significantly increased risk of serious illness and death.

Most of us know, simply by how we feel, that the inability to get a good night?s rest leads to a less than ideal situation in terms of overall performance, but this is the first research that seems to suggest that not getting the right sleep on a regular basis could potentially be deadly.

There are a number of natural methods of trying to put your body in the appropriate state for rest that we have touched upon in previous posts; things like getting regular exercise, adopting a regular schedule and using your bed for sleeping rather than other leisure activities like watching TV.? If you?ve already attempted some of the lifestyle changes and have had little success in getting better sleep, it?s time to approach your doctor or home nurse for a more professional evaluation of your situation.

Little is known about insomnia, and there is even less known about how to properly treat it.? If you feel run down during the day, if you don?t feel as though you are able to get adequate sleep during the night or if you think of yourself as an insomniac, it?s important that you discuss the situation with your doctor or health aide in order to determine the appropriate steps to be taken.

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