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Another Reason to Take Your Meds

A recent article in the Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological and Medical Sciences detailing a study performed by doctors over a three year period yielded some very interesting findings.? Details of the study show that seniors who don?t strictly adhere to their medication schedule are more likely to fall than those that do.

According to findings in the study of more than 600 seniors of the average age of 78, subjects who were careless about or had a low adherence to properly taking their prescription medications were one and a half times more likely to suffer a fall than those that strictly adhered to their medication schedule.

Falls can result in broken bones requiring surgeries, lengthy bouts of rehab and the need for additional and more intensive home care visits.? Considering how dangerous even a slight fall can be for someone of advanced age, it?s imperative that we do whatever it takes to ensure that our elderly loved ones are strictly adhering to the instructions on their prescription medications.

Adherence to prescription medication schedule is something that needs to be discussed with family members, home health aides and any other regular health care providers in an effort to minimize the chances of potentially dangerous falls.? Prescription medications are designed to help keep our loved ones healthy, but if they aren?t taken as directed a number of negative scenarios can occur.? Getting the appropriate prescription medication is only a small part of the equation, in order for it to work completely and properly it needs to be taken exactly as directed.

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