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Another Potential Benefit of Taking Aspirin

Aspirin is the pain killer of choice of many Americans and is also recommended by a number of health care providers to reduce the risk of heart disease. Results of a new study reveal that tablet ?may also play a role in pancreatic cancer prevention in addition to having heart health benefits and providing pain relief.

A recent study conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic College in Minnesota compared the use of pain relievers in more than 2000 adults age 55 and over. Researchers were able to conclude from the information gathered that subjects who took aspirin regularly were at a reduced risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

People who took aspirin at least once per month had a nearly 30% reduced risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to those who opted for other pain relievers or who used no form of pain relief. These very impressive results were evident even after researchers factored in other risks for pancreatic cancer.

If future studies can repeat the results of this initial effort, health care providers may have a very easy tool at their disposal to help prevent this deadly disease. Researchers caution though that aspirin therapy may not be the best choice for everyone and that anyone considering adding it to their regimen should consult their doctor before beginning.

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