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Another Benefit of Low Dose Aspirin

Many people who have coronary artery disease, are at risk of a heart attack or who’ve suffered a stroke have at least had a discussion with their primary care physician or home care nurse about the potential benefits of daily supplementation with low dose aspirin, but a new study has revealed another big potential benefit of daily aspirin therapy.

Nearly six thousand people participated in a recent study that revealed that even the lowest possible dose of aspirin daily may help to prevent colorectal cancer. The study followed the dietary habits of healthy individuals as well as those recovering from colorectal cancer and found that daily supplementation of low dose aspirin or other non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs may reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer by more than twenty percent.

This benefit of low dose aspirin became evident in as early as one year of supplementation and the benefits grew as the treatment was continued on with a decreased risk of nearly thirty percent after five years of low dose aspirin supplementation. This is the first study of its kind to show the potentially powerful affects that aspirin can have in the fight against colorectal cancer and the results are very impressive.

Prior to beginning any change in your regular diet or new course of supplementation, even with an over the counter medication that is commonly found in any home, it’s important that you discuss it at length with your doctor and home health aide to make sure that it is the right course of treatment for you.

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