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An Apple a Day Might Keep the Cardiologist Away

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Health care professionals have been recommending that patients up their intake of fresh fruits like apples for some time now due to numerous potential health benefits.? If new research presented at Experimental Biology 2011 can be replicated, those health care professionals may have even more reason to recommend an apple a day to patients.

Researchers followed 160 adult women who were randomly instructed to consume daily servings of dried apples or dried plums for a period of one year.? Blood tests were taken to measure indicators of heart health after the third, sixth and final month of the twelve month study.

Participants in the dried apple group lost weight, had lower total cholesterol and lower levels of LDL cholesterol along with other indicators of improved heart health.? Subjects in the plum group also saw some positive movement in heart health indicators in the blood, but not nearly to the extent as that of the apple group.

Though participants in this study were instructed to eat dried apples, researchers are inclined to believe that consuming fresh apples would yield similar, if not better benefits.? This study is still considered to be preliminary, but if the results can be proven through peer review and further studies this could provide doctors with another tool to help battle heart disease.

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