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Americans Need to Do More for Heart Health

In January the American Heart Association published what they refer to as ?Life?s Simple 7,? which is basically a series of goals that need to be met if you want to improve heart health.?? The target goals include 150 minutes of exercise per week, quitting smoking, maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, achieving a target body mass index and meeting certain dietary requirements.

Many of these steps should seem familiar as doctors and health care providers have been prescribing them to patients for years as methods of attaining better health.? The percentage of Americans who seem to be heeding the advice from their health care providers is shockingly low according to a recent national survey though.

According to research, people who manage to meet just four of the seven suggested steps to better heart health can cut their risk of death by almost fifty percent.? Unfortunately less than thirty percent of Americans are doing what they need to in order to meet four of the goals.

Though not every goal on the list will be easy for everyone to accomplish immediately, a few can be adopted easily by anyone.? Consult your health care provider about getting on an age appropriate fitness program, quitting smoking and making changes to your current diet.? Getting started toward these three goals first will help make dramatic improvements to your heart and overall health and sticking to them will help you ultimately achieve most of the other goals on the list.

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