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Alterations in Diet May Help Prevent Parkinson?s

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A new study suggests a possible connection between the consumption of foods rich in flavonoids and a decreased risk for developing Parkinson?s disease in men.? The results of the study which followed nearly 50,000 men and more than 80,000 women for more than two decade will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in April.

Participants of the study filled out questionnaires detailing the types and quantities of foods they consumed through the course of the study.? Researchers than calculated their total flavonoid intake upon the information submitted via the health questionnaire responses.

Researchers were able to conclude from the information gathered that men who consumed the greatest quantities of flavonoid rich foods on the questionnaires reduce?their risk of Parkinson?s by up to 35%.? Though researchers were unclear as to why, similar results were not evident among the women who participated in the study.

While researchers aren?t suggesting that flavonoid rich foods can prevent Parkinson?s disease, the information presented is certainly encouraging for health care providers and patients.? If clinical studies can replicate the result of this observational study health care providers may soon be suggesting an increase in consumption of flavonoid rich foods for all of their patients.

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