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Aging: What to expect when getting older

Getting older is an?inevitable part of life. Taking good care of your body and learning to deal with stress can slow or even prevent problems that come with getting older. It?s never too early or too late to?adopt?healthy lifestyle practices that will?make a difference in the aging process.

The?changes that?you’ll experience as you get older depends on a number of factors.? One? of those factors is your family history. If your family has a history of developing specific ?conditions?like high blood pressure or diabetes, then you? are at?greater risk of developing these diseases. Lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of?developing some?hereditary illnesses.? Being physically active, making healthy food choices?and a positive outlook can help?manage these?diseases if?acquired?as you age.

Many of the?changes you?experience as you get older are?gradual and expected.??For example,?your metabolism?will slow down?as you ?age, so your body will?need less?calories than when you were younger.?Sleep patterns?often change, and?many people will?need glasses?and?may experience?some hearing loss as well. As you enter?your 50s, your bones begin to lose density and you may notice a change in your?sex drive.

Vital organs gradually become less efficient.??The overall amount of kidneys tissue decreases and the organ becomes? less efficient??in?filtering blood.???The heart can also?show signs of wear by the?thickening of the walls. ? To counteract these changes as much as possible, it?s important to remain?physically active, to drink plenty of water, and choose healthy foods.

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to be physically active. Exercise affects you not only physically, but psychologically as well. Active people are less prone to depression. Always ask your doctor if? it’s?safe for you to start a exercise program.??A professional home care nurse can help you?adhere to a healthy diet and a safe?exercise routine.


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