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Affordable Health Care Act makes Health Care Easier to Understand

One of the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act is that insurance companies must provide clear, consistent and comparable information about health care coverage.? This is good news as a Consumer Reports study has shown that many baby boomers and older seniors are confused by what Medicare and other insurances cover.

According to a recent news release consumers will receive two forms:? a Summary of Benefits and Coverage and a list of definitions that will explain common insurance terms.?? These forms have gone through two different testing cycles and would seem to be a great help to anyone who has ever tried to inform themselves about their health coverage.

As with all government edicts however the carriers will not be sending these forms out immediately. They must be sent to consumers by September of 2012 so there will still be many months of confusion among those either renewing plans or purchasing new ones before then.

Enlisting the help of an experienced senior care service provider can help eliminate much of the confusion associated with insurance and with care in general.?? A trained senior care expert can analyze the current coverage and offer suggestions for improvements in all aspects of care.? This assistance can relieve quite a bit of the stress associated with providing adequate care for your elderly loved one.

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