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Affordable Health Care Act in Court

A three judge court of appeals panel has found that the individual mandate for Americans to buy their own insurance, a part of the Affordable Health Care Act, is unconstitutional. The American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association and The American Heart Association have appealed the decision and have filed a brief with the Supreme Court.

The Court believes that the rest of the Act can remain in force but the National Patient Care Associations feels the repeal of the individual mandate hurts the patient needing care for chronic conditions. Many experts are of the belief that the part of the bill that requires people to buy insurance and eliminates refusal by an insurer due to pre-existing conditions is essential for chronic care patients. The repeal could greatly hamper these patients? ability to find affordable health insurance in the future.

The needs of the chronic care patient at present are answered by health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. At home these patients rely on friends, family members and professional home health aides in order to maintain their independence and successfully complete many of life?s daily activities. Anyone suffering from complications from diabetes, cardiovascular issues or cognitive impairment can benefit from the assistance that a specially trained home health aide can provide.

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