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Adopting a Healthier Diet Takes More Than Awareness

Doctors, senior care providers and even government officials have been working hard for the past few years to spread awareness of the importance of adopting a healthier diet. Unfortunately the often simple suggestions for healthier eating aren?t always closely adhered to.

A recent survey conducted by International Food Information Council shows that increased awareness doesn?t always lead to the appropriate actions. Despite the fact that Americans seem to be more aware of the benefits of adopting a healthier diet, there hasn?t been much of an increase in those eating. healthy foods of late.

Participants in the survey understood the health benefits of functional foods like fish and dark leafy greens but had a variety of reasons for not consuming those foods. Things like cost, convenience and taste all played a part in the participant?s reasoning for not adopting a diet that was filled with healthier foods.

Diet is a critical piece of the puzzle for achieving a target weight, reducing the risk of disease and improving overall health. Making the switch to a healthier diet can be a challenge but with the proper guidance it is something that can be accomplished fairly easily. An experienced senior care service provider can prescribe simple dietary adjustments that will meet a senior?s unique nutritional needs and improve overall health.

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