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A Toast: ?To your Health?

Considering the effect too much alcohol has on your system and overall health, the practice of toasting someone?s health with a glass of beer or liquor is a bit contradictory.

The health benefits of drinking water have been known for years, but too many of us ignore the facts.

Here are some reasons why drinking a glass – or four or five glasses – of water is good for you.

  • We need it for our bodies to operate efficiently. ?The body?s?blood supply, along with?muscle tissue,bones and brain?tissue, must have water. Water is necessary to keep?our?bodily functions stable. Severe dehydration can?prevent the proper flow of?blood throughout the body. As a result, your brain won?t?function adequately, which?can lead to weakness and fatigue.


  • Not drinking enough water can affect your kidneys.? Not having?enough water in your system can?make you more to susceptible to numerous?conditions, including kidney infections and kidney stones.


  • Water?can?make you more attractive. Drinking water improves your complexion, as well as makes your body healthier because it helps flush out toxins. Drinking water is your best defense against aging.


  • Water can?make you slim. ?Water flushes out toxins and keeps the body functioning properly, which can result in?weight lost.? Water also fills you up and can act as an appetite suppressant.

Four or five glasses of water?a day will give you a great health benefit, but to get the full benefit, drink about eight glasses a day. Fruit? and vegetables contain a lot of water ? so?snacking on fruit?may kill the hunger pangs and add you to your overall?health.

A Specialty Care Services home care nursing professional can make sure that water is a part of your diet by?assisting?with meal preparation and grocery shopping.????

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