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Old Age and Psychological Wellbeing

Many elderly persons are confronted with physical and psychological issues. Some of these concerns include coping with sicknesses, insufficient retirement income or the inability to live without help. Other problems can also include the loss of a next of kin, siblings or close acquaintances. Unfortunately, psychological maladies among the elderly are quite hard to detect. [...]

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common affliction in this age of computers, affecting up to 15% of the general population. The majority of sufferers are in the 45 to 60 year age group, and more women are affected than men. Carpal tunnel syndrome is most commonly associated with computer use, but people engaged in any [...]

Aging and Emotional Health

Emotional and mental vitality are as important to health as physical activity. In fact, one is no more important than the other. When you are physically active, you will find your outlook and attitude are more positive. Your mind has a powerful effect on your body, and your physical state can affect how you feel and think. Social interaction, [...]

Women’s Health Problems

Men and Women share many of the problems of aging.   But women face many health problems unique to them as they grow older.  Doctors have rated five medical conditions for women that are of the greatest concern to them: Heart Disease.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Although [...]

Nurse Practitioners May Ease the Physician Shortage in the Coming Years

The July issue of Medical Care reports that the number of nurse practitioners in the U.S. will almost double by the year 2025. A nurse practitioner receives post graduate training through  a Master’s or PHD program after receiving a nursing license.  The number of physician’s assistants is also increasing and both groups are expected to ease some of [...]

Caregiver Differences may be Related to Gender

A new study shows that husbands who have been a caregiver for a number of years may not be as badly affected as wives in the same position. The study followed 745 pairs of spouses and found that wives were more prone to say they were depressed both before and after their spouse had passed [...]

Pre-existing Conditions and Long Term Care Part Two

Pre-existing conditions may explain why, even though long term care is a worry for many adults in America, only about 6% of the population has a long term care policy. Another major reason for lack of this coverage could be the cost.  Some may be able to circumvent both these drawbacks with a combination life [...]

Who Should Purchase Long Term Care Insurance?

Health care innovations are helping many of us live longer and more active lives than our parents and grandparents.  Seniors must realize though that a longer life can lead to more health complications than those who came before us may have faced. The right long term care insurance can pay for time in a nursing [...]

New Report on Medicare and Health Services – Part Two

According to the report “Health Care Change: The Time is Now” the current health care system’s ability to handle preventive care goals and reduce costs has some very definable flaws. Patients are not scheduling visits to discuss preventive care and physicians are not actively making patients aware of all that Medicare has to offer. According [...]