Health Scams

You may have seen these advertisements and testimonials: “Smart Drugs” for long life “Arthritis Aches and Pains Disappear Like Magic!” “This treatment cured my cancer in one week.” The health care industry, like other industries, is [...]

Aging Changes in Bones, Muscles And Joints

Along with the obvious changes in the skin and hair as we age, changes in posture and how well we walk are also associated with aging. The skeleton provides support and structure to the body, [...]

Aging and Emotional Health

Emotional and mental vitality are as important to health as physical activity. In fact, one is no more important than the other. When you are physically active, you will find your outlook and attitude are more positive. Your [...]

What is Long Time Care?

Long-term care involves a variety of services for people who need health or personal care for a set amount of time. The most common type of long-term care is personal care — help with everyday activities. [...]

Aging: What to expect when getting older

Getting older is an inevitable part of life. Taking good care of your body and learning to deal with stress can slow or even prevent problems that come with getting older. It’s never too early or [...]

The Aging Brain

Until recently, it was believed that as we age we lose vast numbers of brain cells which contribute to such problems as dementia and memory loss.  But now scientists have discovered that our brains continue [...]

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